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The day after their commencement, Yiwen (Avery) Chen, Ruochen (Scarlett) Shan, and Reese Jennings represented Rocky Hill School at the first ever Boston round of the World Scholar’s Cup, an academic competition. The RHS crew won multiple awards as a team, including first place in the team writing competition and third place in the debate challenge, as well as several individual awards. Reese won first place for his knowledge of social studies, specifically the black market, in the Scholar’s Challenge; second place in the individual writing competition; and a silver medal for his role in the debate challenge. Scarlett won silver medals for her accomplishments in history, debate and writing. Avery won silver medals for her work in the sciences and debate, as well. The team also qualified for the global round of the competition, to be held this summer in either Barcelona or Melbourne. In addition to their many medals, all three left with stuffed alpacas, the mascot of the World Scholar’s Cup.