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At a time in one’s life marked by profound physical, social, emotional, and intellectual, changes,  our Middle School faculty, advisers, and coaches help each child navigate their journey through early adolescence. Grounded in the Student Competencies, we recognize that this journey is unique for each child.  Our program focuses on student engagement and deeper learning, while at the same time building a respectful, collaborative, and ethical community. 

The design of our learning spaces encourages student collaboration. Seated around the Harkness™ table, our students have a front-row seat to develop their ability to share their ideas and opinions, to listen intently to their peers, and to collaborate more freely and effectively.
The Advisory Program is considered the heart of the Middle School, grounded in the four needs that must be fulfilled if young adolescents are to be engaged.


The Middle School has a long tradition of unique programs that move the students out of their daily schedules, and at times grade-specific classrooms, to challenge them to collaborate in different ways, to make larger, and perhaps global connections, and to stretch their thinking and understanding.

Learn, Explore, Envision, Present. These are the elements that create LEEP Week in the Middle School. During this week, students are placed in mixed grade groups, given a longitude and latitude location, and tasked with answering the following driving question: “How can Rocky Hill Country Day students develop sustainable solutions for global issues?”


Tying into our Student Competencies to be Ethical and Globally Minded, and as Citizens of a greater community, connecting our students with important social initiatives and organizations that make a positive difference in our community and world is an important part of the learning that takes place in the Middle School.

Tying into our Student Competencies to be Ethical and Globally Minded, and as Citizens of a greater community, connecting our students with important social initiatives and organizations that make a positive difference in our community and world is an important part of the learning that takes place in the Middle School.
The Empty Bowls Project delivered value from student learning to develop a replicable service that can grow. Students generated impact for a local food pantry by developing nutritious recipes for those utilizing the pantry in this interdisciplinary study of poverty and food insecurity. Art teacher, Rachel Armentano received the Rhode Island Art Education Association’s Middle School-Level Art Educator of the Year for 2015.
Rocky Hill student made bowls for the Empty Bowls project
A highlight of students’ 8th grade year is the trip to Quebec City where they explore this historic, French-speaking city in all of its winter glory. Cultural and historical experiences abound, including a tour of Old Quebec City, dining on regional cuisine, and braving the cold for a fun night of tubing, making it an unforgettable adventure!


Field trips range from coastal habitats, to engineering labs, to national conferences and art galleries

Each winter the 7th-grade class spends three days and two nights at Nature’s Classroom in Charlton, Massachusetts with a focus on winter ecology. As a part of their environmental education, students look at ways in which organisms have adapted to the harsh conditions of a New England winter.
Each year, the 6th grade students travel to Jamestown, RI to study the diverse rock formations that span hundreds of millions of years of geologic history.


Our students transition from the early childhood years to the intermediate elementary grades where they begin focusing on, and becoming more responsible for, the study skills needed to support their academic success. Having developed a stronger grasp of their learning styles, areas of interest, and social awareness, students

  • demonstrate a deeper understanding of our student competencies and the importance of our school values
  • think more critically, make deeper connections, and stretch themselves both socially and intellectually
  • are empowered to take on leadership roles within our Lower School community and serve as role models and mentors for our younger students

The 5th grade year serves as the culmination of the elementary school experience and begins the process of transitioning students into our Middle School.


Rocky Hill Country Day’s By-the-Bay Preschool serves the emotional, social, cognitive, creative, and physical needs of 3 to 5-year-old children. Our nurturing and safe environment encourages

  • discovery  
  • open-ended learning experiences
  • integrated activities designed to foster a sense of wonder and excitement about the world in which children live

While offering challenging developmentally appropriate learning activities, students

  • develop and enhance self-help, readiness and social-emotional skills
  • develop a sense of independence, self-reliance, and self-confidence
  • learn and work cooperatively in a small community of children and adults

Appropriate readiness assessments provide beneficial information to ensure the most holistic educational and social-emotional goals for our students. Students entering our Preschool must be 3 years of age by September 1, vaccinated, and potty trained.


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