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Thank You HackThePower 2018 #HackThePower2018

We did it!

The Hacked 2018 Pathways

The Winners

“Moonshot Idea” Award

– The most Audacious idea to be presented.
– Doesn’t have to be possible in the immediate present.
– A groundbreaking possibility. Impacts RI and the World!


  • Opportunity to present to U.S. Senator Whitehouse
  • Internship at E2Sol / Power Docks
  • 1×1 Exclusive with Ramez Naam

Winning Team:
From Street lights to Tree Lights

Xuan Guo – 12th grade, RHS
Lingnan Zheng – 12th grade, RHS
Changhe Wu
– 11th grade, RHS
Alvin Zhang
– 9th grade, RHS
Heyuan Ma
– 11th grade, RHS
Jiaze Lyu
– 10th grade, RHS

“Moonshot Idea” Award

– Clarity of identifying the problem.
– Connecting the problem to a Hack Pathway.
– Articulating succinctly the solution in a pitch.


  • All Access tour of Newport Biodiesel
  • 1×1 college preparatory with Director of College Counseling
  • Internship opportunity at a LearnLaunch startup

Winning Team:
Kelp Can Help!

Lucia Caito – 10th grade, RHS
Esteban Wu
– 12th grade, RHS
Justin Assing
– 10th grade, Holy Trinity School
Siddhant Kharat 
– 9th grade, Holy Trinity School
Vivian Long
– 11th grade, Holy Trinity School
Constantine Pallas
– 10th grade, Holy Trinity School
Tracy Zhang
– 10th grade, Holy Trinity School

“Potential to Impact the most People” Award

– Applicable anywhere on the planet.
– Local-Regional-National-Global.
– Impacts those with and without resources.


  • $500 cash pay-it-forward prize
  • Behind the scenes tour of the RIRRC
  • VIP access to attend 2019 CleanTech Open NE Conference

Winning Team:
ReVolta + Witt the Watt

Willa Geoghegan – 11th grade, RHS
Elsa Block 
– 11th grade,
Neha Basu 
– 11th grade, RHS
Giselle Virga 
– 10th grade, Wheeler

Hack The Power 2018 was created with the goal of
discovering safe, equitable, and eco-friendly solutions to
Reduce, Reuse, and Renew sources of Energy.

Why a Hackathon?

A 24-hour mission critical challenge based on a real-world scenario to unite students across Rhode Island and leverage the group’s collective imagination, resources, network, access, and expertise in order to find new solutions to a real world challenge.

Why energy?

Energy is one of the United Nations Top Global Challenges.

Why Rhode Island students?

To give the next generation an opportunity to re-imagine the way we use Energy and a platform to pitch their BOLD solutions on how the world can equitably power-up, plug-in and recharge.

Rhode Island is taking bold steps to position its future workforce as a regional industry player.

Students’ Feedback

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Mentors + Judges + Speaker Feedback

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