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E2 | Embedded entrepreneurs

Our first-of-its-kind program, launched in 2017, embeds social entrepreneurs within Rocky Hill Country Day’s N-12 campus, generating a mutually beneficial ecosystem serving students, educators, families, and Edtech founders.  Students and teachers evaluate the latest educational platforms, products, and services within the context of our competency-based curriculum and offer qualitative feedback to startup founders.

By collaborating with real-world makers, entrepreneurs, and industry leaders, Rocky Hill Country Day students develop the mindset necessary to ask bold questions, test working prototypes, practice agency, and lead decision-making, all while collaborating within an authentic entrepreneurial cycle.

I believe the integration of these opportunities, if done formally, could certainly revolutionize education at large. It would shift the perspective away from traditional learning through facts, and bring about more learning through experiences. 

Esteban ‘19

Benefits to Students
  • Exposure to risk-takers, makers, and real world entrepreneurs
  • Access to exponential industries, internships, and the future world of work
  • Opportunity to develop our Student Competencies, an innovative mindset, and resiliency in the face of failure
  • A dedicated framework to collaborate and prototype with diverse perspectives to understand social innovation
Meg Stowe

Meg Stowe

Director of Innovation

BS, Denison University
M.Ed, Lesley University