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Academic Enrichment

Rocky Hill Country Day recognizes and celebrates that students’ neural architecture varies. Consequently, our approach is to support that diversity through our Academic Center for Enrichment (ACE). With an eye toward promoting each student’s development of the Student Competencies, and acknowledging their myriad of gifts, we offer academic support, study skills, assistive technology, active student participation, and research-based techniques that target specific areas in reading, writing, and math. ACE prepares students to become independent, confident learners, and self-advocates.

Program Eligibility

Students who enter Rocky Hill Country Day with a documented learning difference may enter the ACE program by recommendation of the Admissions Office. Current students can enter the program at any time with a recommendation from faculty, staff, or parents.


Students, parents, and ACE faculty write SMART goals at the beginning of the year. ACE collaborates with teachers to follow accommodations and differentiate instruction.

All students enrolled in ACE, as well as those not enrolled but with documented learning differences, are monitored throughout the year by their teachers, advisers, and Division Head. Progress is accomplished through goal meetings and/or regular communication between the faculty, student, and family.


Students meet with ACE faculty, on average, 2-3 sessions per six-day rotation, depending on the need. Classes are held within the school day, and students are typically seen during a study hall or non-academic period in the Academic Center for Enrichment.


ACE contracts are offered on a yearly basis and are billed on a monthly basis. Services are based on the inclusivity of ACE offerings per division and are not a la carte in nature. Although December and March have fewer sessions due to vacations, the fees are equally dispersed over each month during the entire year. Makeup sessions cannot be guaranteed in the event of a student’s absence.

Holly Cotta

Holly Cotta

Director of Academic Center for Enrichment

BA, University of Rhode Island
MA, University of Rhode Island