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Our Mission

The mission of Rocky Hill Country Day School is to educate the whole child—mind, body, and spirit. As a school community, we encourage students to become global citizens and lifelong learners, guiding them as they strive for knowledge and self-awareness. Our school motto “Know Thyself” remains a guiding principle in our approach to fulfilling our mission.

Transforming Education

At Rocky Hill Country Day, our vision is for students to be doing and becoming, emphasizing process over product. In what we view as a post-content approach to education, we inspire each student to become navigators, critical thinkers, citizens, and communicators, who are innovative, self-aware, ethical, and globally-minded.

These competencies drive our curricular and co-curricular endeavors as traditional content provides the vehicle for students’ real-world experiences, meaningful coursework and research, discussion-based classrooms, and individualized and collaborative learning opportunities in all divisions. Believing fully in the mind-heart connection, we weave social/emotional development and wellness into the everyday fabric of our community. Our students find themselves not only well prepared for college academics and personal independence, but also for wherever their life’s journey takes them.


Rocky Hill Country Day School does not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, color, gender, sexual orientation, age, handicap or national or ethnic origin in the administration of its admission, financial aid, employment, educational policies, or other school programs.


In 1934, Rocky Hill School was founded as a nursery school in a residential home in East Greenwich under the guidance of Headmistress Dorothy Knott Marshall. The school continued to grow and when Mrs. Marshall retired in 1941, Nathan Hale purchased the school and established it as a non-profit. In 1949, Mr. Hale relocated the school to its current location on Ives Road and changed the school name to Rocky Hill Country Day School. Today, Rocky Hill Country Day remains as the only preschool to grade 12 country day school in Rhode Island.

As part of the 35th Anniversary year in 1964, the School adopted its motto, “Know Thyself,” created the Alma Mater, established the Crest as the official school symbol, and chose blue and white as the school colors. The symbols within the crest, a book, sailboat, and shell, signified the essence of our student-centered approach to teaching to every child’s mind, body and spirit.

This year, the School is celebrating 85 years of educating students. From our earliest days as a preschool, to our first 12th grade graduating class in 1967, to today, Rocky Hill Country Day School has always been rooted in its sense of community and care for the whole child. We have also valued an experiential approach to education, knowing that every child learns differently, and to truly know yourself, you must experience an array of opportunities and people both inside and outside the classroom.

The Student Competencies

At Rocky Hill Country Day School, we inspire each student to become a...

Learns with nimbleness, adaptability, perseverance, and resilience, with a curious and self-directed approach.

Asks meaningful questions, gains knowledge, and challenges research, analysis, and interpretation to evaluate evidence, arguments, and beliefs.

Seeks ways to model good citizenship through kindness and respect for others, and serves as a responsible, engaged member of the community.

Skillfully expresses ideas in many modalities for a variety of audiences and is a poised and resourceful communicator.

...who is...

A bold thinker, generating new and creative ideas, willing to take risks to solve complex problems, individually and as part
of a group.

A confident observer who understands their personal strengths and is attentive to their needs, empathetic to others, and honors their health and well-being.

An honest member of the community who speaks with integrity and has a focus on social responsibility.

An open-minded individual who values diversity and different perspectives with an understanding of global issues.