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At Rocky Hill Country Day School we truly believe that our innovative, high engagement learning experience, set in our beautiful country setting, creates an environment that encourages students to think expansively, try new things, and achieve wider possibilities.
Our campus creates a relaxed and freeing environment. Students can physically, intellectually and emotionally spread out.
With one foot firmly rooted in our heritage and the other in our future, we’re excited to be celebrating our 85th year. Join us!
“The heart of what we offer students is the opportunity to imagine, explore, discover. At Rocky Hill Country Day School, we aspire for them to embrace their curiosity, to celebrate the possibility of the unknown, and to boldly follow new adventures.” 

– Diane Rich

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The Student Competencies

At Rocky Hill Country Day School, we inspire each student to become a...

Learns with nimbleness, adaptability, perseverance, and resilience, with a curious and self-directed approach.

Asks meaningful questions, gains knowledge, and challenges research, analysis, and interpretation to evaluate evidence, arguments, and beliefs.

Seeks ways to model good citizenship through kindness and respect for others, and serves as a responsible, engaged member of the community.

Skillfully expresses ideas in many modalities for a variety of audiences and is a poised and resourceful communicator.

...who is...

A bold thinker, generating new and creative ideas, willing to take risks to solve complex problems, individually and as part
of a group.

A confident observer who understands their personal strengths and is attentive to their needs, empathetic to others, and honors their health and well-being.

An honest member of the community who speaks with integrity and has a focus on social responsibility.

An open-minded individual who values diversity and different perspectives with an understanding of global issues.


Rocky Hill Country Day School’s 84-acre waterfront campus on Narragansett Bay lends itself to exploration and discovery across all divisions and disciplines. Our marine and environmental education programs create memorable experiences and help develop new perspectives for all learners who will one day become the stewards of this planet.